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Jeff Haws | The Solitary Apocalypse

Cover Reveal | Aug 31st, Release Blitz | Oct 21st & Blog Tour | Oct 22nd–28th

The Solitary Apocalypse e-book (1)One year after surviving a worldwide plague that may have left them as the only organized colony left on Earth, the people of Alessandra are barely hanging on. Walled off from the world and from each other by mandated steel rings hooked around their bodies to keep from spreading the disease, marriages dissolved, families torn apart, the people seek reasons to move forward. Michael wants to do his part to help, and Audrey, the town’s mayor, is happy to enlist whoever she can to help her keep everyone safe and driving forward toward a time when the virus is officially wiped out. But when she brings her brother Paul into the fold to be at her right hand, his predilection toward violent means to maintain their power begins to slowly evolve her leadership into a brutal dictatorship she never anticipated. And when Michael and his ex-wife, Stephanie, discover evidence that shows Paul and Audrey manipulated a medical study to support the idea of strapping rings to people and separating families, they risk everything to try to make sure the town knows what their leaders are capable of, and they need everyone’s help in order to reclaim their lives.

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J.J. Marstead | Tackling Lauren

Release Blitz | Sep 15th

My brother’s best friend, Beckett… God, just the sound of his name sends shivers down my spine. He’s hot and he knows it.
And I want him.
But when a mistake I made comes back to bite me in the ass, will it cost me a chance at happiness? Or will Beckett finally be able to see me as more than just his best friend’s little sister?

My life couldn’t be any better. My dreams are coming true, with everything I could ever want at my fingertips. I get to play football and have my choice of any woman I desire. But my life gets turned upside down when my best friend Eric’s baby sister Lauren comes to stay with us for a month.
How will I be able to control myself around the eighteen-year-old if she can’t keep her hands to herself?
God, help me.
Give me strength that I’ll need to survive the month. I’m going to need it.

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Tiki Kos | Daughter of the Night

Cover Reveal | Oct 17th & Release Blitz | Oct 31st

Daughter of Nótt, your sacrifice will bring the end.

When Serena returns home from a day of work, she witnesses a terrifying event which uproots her quiet existence. Attacked by a vicious creature, she is saved by a mysterious figure and introduced to the Einherja, warriors trained to protect Earth from demons.

Serena soon finds out she is the descendant of an Aesir god, and her recurring dreams might just be the answer to Avonmore’s ritualistic murders. Will she be able to protect her hometown, or will she be forced to sacrifice her new love?

Daughter of Nótt, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

A tale of passion, loss and self-awakening, Daughter Of The Night is the debut release of Tiki Kos, and the first in the Daughter Of The Night trilogy.

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